11 Best Air Ride Suspension for Semi Trucks and Chevy Trucks

Air suspension substitutes coil springs or leaf suspension with airbags produced from rubber and polyurethane which are puffed up by a compressor. The bags are overblown to a certain pressure to imitate springs.

Air suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks comes with pros and cons. Latest semi trucks now feature air suspension option. Air suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks helps to improve fuel consumption, improve tire life, reduce noise, and doesn’t impact on surfaces of roads.

In this article, we examined the following and some the best semi truck suspension air rides:

  • What is Air Lift Suspension?
  • What is air ride suspension?
  • What is the best air bag suspension?
  • How to lower a car trailer
  • How much does an air lift suspension cost?
  • How long does air suspension last?
  • Air bag suspension kits for chevy trucks

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What is Air Lift Suspension?

Air lift suspension is a type of vehicle suspension that is electric or engine-driven with an air pump or compressor. For airlift suspension to work, the compressor propels the air into a supple bellows, produced from textile-reinforced rubber.

Air suspension functions with pressurized air, and not pressurized liquid. The air pressure inflates the bellows and elevates the chassis from the axle.

Air lift suspension is used in heavy vehicle applications including buses, semi-trucks, and Chevy trucks.

Airlift suspension helps to boost a smooth, steady ride quality, but it is also used for sports suspension. Recent automatically controlled systems in semi-trucks and Chevy trucks also use automobiles and light trucks almost always feature self-levelling along with raising and lowering tasks.

What is Air Ride Suspension?

Air ride suspension uses diverse valves, air lines, and air-spring bags instead of steel suspension. Air ride suspension is produced from a rubber-like material and uses same air compressor and reservoir as the braking system of a truck. The air supplied pressurizes the air spring bags, leading to spring-like motions that lift the chasis from the axle.

Most people prefer the spring ride suspension compared to the air ride suspension. The cost of maintaining air ride suspension is high and it will most likely require replacement depending on the environment. Also, air ride suspension is very expensive and does not assure finer ride quality.

What is the Best Air Bag Suspension?

Air Lift 88204 Loadlifter 5000 Ultimate Air Spring Kit

This is one of the best air bag suspensions available in market. This air bag suspension is produced using high-quality materials. It has 5,000lbs weight capacity and features an internal jounce bumper with brackets, fittings, and others. The company has a great customer service that offers prompt response to any inquiries.


  • It is ideal for weights up to 5.00lbs
  • It is produced with high quality rubber
  • Absorbs shocks from bumpy roads


The U-bolts can be quite long on some automobiles

Other Air bag suspension that you can buy on Amazon:

How to Lower a Car Trailer

To lower a car trailer, you have to reduce the trailer deck height. The tires available should fit the dimension of the existing wheel, but with will not mark the load capacity you need for your car haulier. Note that though that a change in tire dimension will only lower or raise the car trailer by half the variation in diameter. This may not be much of a difference for the car trailer to fit in your garage. To change the wheels, you would only reduce the capacities some more.

If the car trailer leaf springs are fixed above the axles, you might be able to use an Over-Under Conversion Kit for 3-inch diameter axles. This kit should allow for easy movement of the leaf springs below the axle, lowering the trailer by the height of the axle and leaf spring stack. It should only be for double-eye springs only. You may be able to use lowering blocks on your car trailer to sufficiently lower it, but ensure you make your existing tires are large enough to accommodate the new leaf spring spot.

How Much does an Air Lift Suspension Cost?

An Air lift suspension basically costs between $2200-4000 depending on the brand and on the type of car you have. Typically struts costs between $1700-2900 and air management costs anywhere from $400-2000 depending on the choice of your setup.

Cost of installations varies from location to location. However, installation charges can be as high as $700-1500. For an area with lots of installers, the charge can drop to as low as $500.

Generally, it can be as cheap as $2500 excluding labor and as costly as $4000.

How Long does Air Suspension Last?

The lifespan of the air suspension is based on several factors including the vehicle type, the usage, the manufacturer, and their system. On average, air suspension lasts between 50,000 and 70,000 miles. It can be used for about 10 years before it becomes necessary for it to be replaced.

11 Best Air Ride Suspension for Semi Trucks and Chevy Trucks

1. Air Lift 89396 LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus+ Air Springs

This is one of the best air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks comes with a lifetime warranty and 60-day ride satisfaction guarantee. It is compatible with 2011-2016 Ford F-250/F-350 4X4 and functions with up to 5,000 pounds of load leveling.

It functions accurately with in-bed hitches. It has a free maintenance with internal bump. The installation process is easy, and can be completed in about 3 hours or even less time depending on your level of expertise.

This is an ideal air bag suspension kits for chevy trucks and semi truck


2. Air Lift 57275 LoadLifter 5000 Series Rear Air Spring Kit

The Loadlifter 5000 series is another best Air Ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks available on the market. It is produced with resilient components including air springs and hardware. The installation process is comparatively easy and comes with an instruction manual. It is compatible with ¾ ton and 1 tone pickups and vans.

It features modifiable air springs that help in leveling your vehicle when tow or hauling a heavy load. With this product, you don’t have to worry about sag and bottoming out because it completely remove them. It can function effectively with up to 5000 pounds of leveling capacity; 14.5 x 11.25 x 9.5 inches.


3. Firestone Industrial Products 2582 Ride-Rite Air Spring Kit

The Firestone Industrial Air Spring kit alleviates contact between axle and frame to ease bottoming out. It supports steering control and braking efficiency. By effortlessly inflating or deflating you can achieve the proper balance and level of a vehicle can be maintained for smooth ride. This model can comfortable take in road shock and adjusts to varying loads.

4. Standard 2500-1 Air Ride Suspension NPT Single Port Double Bellow Truck Air Spring

This Air ride suspension that comes with Jounce Bumper has  a lifetime warranty and a 60-day ride satisfaction guarantee. It can take up to 2500 pounds of load leveling and functions with in-bed hitches. It is compatible with 2011-2016 Ford F-250/F-350 4X4, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500, etc. The installation process doesn’t consume much time as it can take about 3 hours or less to complete the process. The product is also maintenance free with internal bump stop which drivers can safely operate.

5. Air Lift 57204 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit

The Air Lift 57204 Loadlifter 5000 series is one of the best Air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks. It is also compatible with 2007-2018 GM 1500 pickups, Chevrolet (Silverado 1500), and GMC (Sierra 1500). It fits ½ pickup trucks and can be used for commercial trucks, wreckers, ambulances, construction and utility trucks.


6. Air Ride Compatible with Trucks – Standard 2500-1 Air Ride Suspension

This is another Air ride suspension that is compatible with different brand of trucks like Ford F150/F250, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500. This air ride suspension comes with heavy duty double bellow crimped design. Air ride are produced using top density rubber and features a maximum restrained pressure of 550 psi. It comes with a minimum compressed 2.7 inch and maximum extended 8 inch, 5.3 inch of usable stroke. This product comes with two top mounting holes which are 1.75″ separate.

7. Air Lift 57338 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit

This is one of the best air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks which doesn’t hamper with in-bed hitches. It does not require any form of drilling and the installation process takes only 2 hours or even less depending on your level of expertise. It features an air lift roll plates which acts as a form of protection for the air springs. The pressure can be adjusted from 5-100 PSI.

It is compatible with 2011-2019 GM ¾ and 1 tone pickups.

8. Firestone W217602250 Ride-Rite Kit for GM C2500HD/C3500

This product features air springs, air line, fasteners, upper and lower brackets, inflation valves, push-to-connect air fittings. It also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. The Firestone W217602250 kit is compatible with pick-ups, class A,B,C motor-homes, vans, commercial vehicles and SUV’s. With this air ride suspension kit, you can even out vehicle while loaded and it levels vehicle front-to-rear and side-to-side. The air can be adjusted between 5-100 per square inch.

9. AIR LIFT 58616 Dominator D2600 Bellow Air Bag

This is another best air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks with is compatible with most brand trucks like Ford F150/F250, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram 1500 2500 3500.

The payload capacity features heavy duty double bellow crimped design which permits for comfy load capacity of up to 3055 pound.

It is produced using top class density rubber with maximum restrained pressure of 600psi.

10. Air Lift 89295 LoadLifter 5000 Air Spring Kit

The Air Lift 89295 Loadlifter 5000 series is one of the best air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks that features an special internal jounce bumper inside springs with efficiently absorbs shock. The installation process is quite easy and comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual.

This model features a lifetime warranty, with a 60-day ride satisfaction guarantee. The end caps are produced from mega high-strength corrosion-proof nylon combination which is as strong but surprisingly weighs less.

It is compatible with 2003-2013 RAM 2500 and 2003-2018 RAM 3500 4X4.


11. Firestone 6781 Ride-Rite Rear Air Helper Spring

An air bag suspension kits for Chevy trucks and semi-truck.

This air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks comes with a very easy installation process and an instruction manual for guidelines. It weighs 4 pounds and with durable machined exterior

Conclusion on best semi truck suspension and chevy trucks

With all the detailed information above, you should have no problem in making the right choice when going for the best air ride suspension for semi trucks and Chevy trucks. Evaluating the air suspension height and comfort before and after installation should tell if the new kit features additional enhancement. The installation would have to be carried out by a professional because it is a delicate process and many things can go wrong.

It is important to test out the air pressure a couple of days after installation to check if everything is working effectively.

A number of air suspension systems can optimize the ride height based on the speed of the truck and whether it’s loaded or not. Trucks that aren’t loaded normally sit higher owing to the less weight pushing the suspension down. However, this does not help with wind resistance. A lower ride height signifies better aerodynamics since it eases wind resistance.

The air ride suspension is more multipurpose for some kinds of delicate loads such as huge panes of glass as there is less risk of breakages. Air suspension can boost the ability to transport some loads by creating better grip through leveling the suspension.

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