7 Top Rated EVAP & Best Automotive Smoke Machines (Ultimate Guide)

If you are looking to get an EVAP smoke machine or maybe you would want to learn how to use a smoke machine to find EVAP leaks, then this review and instruction guide is for you.

I am going to show you 7 best automotive smoke machine to choose from and then we will discuss how does an EVAP smoke machine work, How smoke machines find EVAP leaks, the best automotive smoke machine fluid to go for, and finally if it is possible for you to use baby oil in a smoke machine.

There are various types of EVAP smoke machines in the market. It might be difficult to choose one. If like to see what causes smoke be sure to check out this post.

If you are a car owner, know that there is every tendency that your car will have issues sometimes.

There are some problems that are easily identified, while others are just so difficult to identify.

One of those difficult issues is the Evaporative emission leak. If you get an effective EVAP smoke machine, you may be able to test for EVAP or vacuum leaks.

To use an EVAP smoke machine, you do not need any special skills. It comes with a set of instructions on how you can set it up for use.

Here highlight of what we are discussing in this article:

  • What is EVAP smoke machine & Automotive smoke machine
  • How does a EVAP smoke machine work
  • How do smoke machines find EVAP leaks
  • how to use a smoke machine to find EVAP leaks
  • What is the best EVAP smoke machine my pick
  • 7 Top Rated EVAP or Automotive Smoke Machines
  • Can you use baby oil in a smoke machine

What is EVAP smoke machine & automotive smoke machine?

If you are searching for a tool that is used in testing EVAP and vacuum leak, then an EVAP automotive smoke machine is what you are looking for. It is very easy to use as long as you follow its manual instructions.

Leaks that trigger the EVAP codes can affect the running of the engine. Whether the leak is small or big, it will trigger the check engine light.

With an automotive smoke machine, you can find vacuum leaks easily.

How does an EVAP smoke machine work?

The EVAP is a system that prevents your vehicles from releasing harmful vapors from gasoline. It has lots of tubes that connect different parts of the car fueling system.

When you fuel your tank, the car engine does not run on the liquid but the fuel vapors. The vapor is hazardous to the environment as a whole, and inhaling it can cause some ailments such as asthma, lung disease, and so on.

EVAP system has lots of tubes that connect every part of the fueling system. It helps to prevent the car from releasing harmful vapors which are gotten from the gasoline.

The EVAP system will have to be tested all over the car system to check if there is a problem with any of the components of the vehicle.

If you want an EVAP tool that can test for leaks, you need to get the appropriate model to make that possible.  

The smoke machine functions by sending nontoxic smoke through the engine. If there is any leak, the smoke will come out from there and give it visibility.

Using this method is the fastest way possible to detect leaks in your vehicle. One major setback of this tool is that it is quite pricey, and it is for those who will use it to repair lots of vehicles.

It is not advisable for you to purchase it if you want to repair just a single car.

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How do Smoke Machines find EVAP leaks?

The smoke machine is one of the most effective ways you can use to detect leaks in your cars. It works by sending smoke through the engine.

After sending the smoke through the engine, if there is any leak the smoke will no doubt escape from there.

When you see that, you will be able to point out where the leak is in your vehicle and find a permanent or temporary solution to it.

How to use a smoke machine to find EVAP leaks

One easy way to test for EVAP leaks is the use of the smoke machine. You can use the smoke machine to carry out a smoke test on the EVAP system.

What you have to do is to blow smoke into the system. If there is any broken or leaking component like a hose or seal, the smoke will escape through there.  

Although it is expensive, the smoke machine of one of the best and most effective ways to test for EVAP leaks.

What is the best EVAP smoke machine? My pick for you!

My favorite and best EVAP smoke machine is this Autoline Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Leak Detector Diagnostic Tester found on Amazon.

Though I have tried a few of the EVAP smoke machine, this is the one I have come to love the most. Other are quite good too, it’s a matter preference as I will discuss later in this article.  

For me this is the best cause it can be used in diagnosing any type of leak and it’s affordable and easy to use.

It can find the leaks in the EVAP, vacuum, exhaust system, intake manifolds, gasket, connectors, seals, and many more.  This is so, because its injection nozzle can size all lines and hoses. See the current price details here.

7 Best Automotive Smoke Machine (EVAP Smoke Machine)

No 1. AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector

This is also among the best automotive smoke machine in the market. It is powerful, and comes with a guaranteed ceramic smoke system which lets it produce smoke more than other automotive smoke machines.

This tester is used in diagnosing all kinds of leaks no matter how small it might be. It uses a smoke detecting technology.

I love this product but the main is taking over the first position here is because considering the features it offers, it like the cheapest and it goes below 100 dollar’s as of the writing of this article which great right. You can also check the current price details here on Amazon.                                                       

So if you are on very tight budget then this might the perfect EVAP smoke machine for you, otherwise, the next smoke machine is my favorite.

No 2. AutoLine Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Smoke Machine Leak

The Autoline pro evap vacuum automotive is by far my favorite  smoke machine on this list of  top rated and best EVAP smoke machines.

Autoline pro evap is built with a solid thick metal which makes it durable. This detector can detect any type of leaks with adapters.

It is used in testing vacuum leaks, low pressure turbo leaks, exhaust systems, connectors, and many more.

The machine is precise, safe, and can be used for all vehicles. It also very easy to use and comes with a one year warranty which is awesome.

And finally, it is very much affordable, priced for about $119.00 as of the writing of this article though you can check out the current retail price here on Amazon.

No 3. STINGER EVAP Smoke Machine Leak Detector

This is also one of the top choices in the United Stated. One great benefit of the stinger evap smoke machine is that it uses mineral oil, not the customized smoke fluid that you have to buy from manufacturers.

It is built with thick and heavy duty aluminum. Some of its features are: 12 foot long Heavy-Duty Fused Cord, 1-PSI Pressure Regulator, 2 Custom Stepped Brass Smoke Tips, 6 foot Smoke Hose for 18 total feet, and so on.

It is selling for around $149.95 as of the writing of this article. You can view the current price here on Amazon

No 4. RTRHINOTUNING Vac-Leak Hunter Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Diagnostic Detector

This smoke machine detector machine can work effectively on cars, and motorcycles. It is effective in detecting leaks in systems like fuel pipe, cooling tank, built-in pump, and air intake.

You can start using it to generate thick smoke in 3 seconds. It is durable, easy to use, and safe for all vehicles. This machine also uses a smoke detecting technology to discover leaks.

It is about $119.99 as of the writing of this particle. Though you might want to checkout current price details  here on Amazon.

No 5. EVAP/Vacuum Smoke Machine Tool

This tool is very effective in testing and diagnosing automotive leaks. It comes with an instruction manual that makes it easy to use. This smoke machine is built with the best and quality materials. It is valuable, and use mineral oil.

It is going for about $18.95 as of the writing of this article. You can view the current price here on Amazon.

No 6. Autoline Pro EVAP Vacuum Automotive Leak Detector Diagnostic Tester

This is an EVAP smoke testing machine that offers excellent smoke output. It diagnoses leaks within a short time. Autoline Pro has a new ceramic smoke coil that can last for a longer time and traces leaks as quickly as possible.

It is used in diagnosing any type of leak or whatsoever. Whether the leak is in the EVAP system, gasket, seal, or connector, this device will find it within a short time.

It is very safe to use and to set up. The product comes with its own set of instructions.

It is about $109.00 as of the writing of this article. You can view the current price here on Amazon.

No 7. AUTOOL SDT-202 Automotive Fuel Leak Detector

This fuel leak detector can work very well on all pipe systems. It is mostly designed to detect leaks on the pipe systems of cars and motorcycles.

The AUTOOL machine uncovers leak in fuel pipes, cooling tanks, and air intake systems.

It is about $199.00 as of the writing of this article. You can view the current price here on Amazon.

Automotive Smoke Machine Fluid

When buying the EVAP smoke machines, you need to be aware that they come with their own smoke machine fluids. There are lots of machine fluids in the market. All you have to do is to read the manual of the machine you choose to buy and find out its own recommended fluid.

Although some smoke machines come with their own fluid, you will still have to keep refilling it when it runs out. Here is

Can you use baby oil in a smoke machine?

It is not acceptable nor is it advisable to use baby oil to run your smoke machine. The composition of Baby oil is meant for the skin and not for machines. Please only use the industrial recommended oil for the EVAP smoke machine.

You don’t need to stress yourself to uncover EVAP leaks. You can choose from the list of the best EVAP smoke machines mentioned in this post, based on your need and budget.

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