Causes Of Car Shakes when Accelerating but not When Coasting.

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Are you experiencing a Car shakes when accelerating but not when coasting?  Or maybe you noticed that your car shakes when accelerating transmission and then there’s a check engine light flashing, well this post prove to be useful to you.

In this article, we will be discussing various factors that cause your car to vibrate and shake, while accelerating at high speeds, idling, and from stop etc.  

So get into this article fully without wasting time and we beginning with the car shakes when accelerating but not when coasting

Car Shakes When Accelerating But Not When Coasting

The most significant explanation for car shakes when accelerating but not when coasting is damaged CV driveshaft. The solution to this is to get it replaced with a new one.

Car Shakes When Accelerating And Idling

There are a number of reasons why car shakes when accelerating and idling. These reasons include:

 1. Faulty Motor Mounts

 The function of the motor mounts is to support the engine by absorbing the engine’s vibrations in its compartment. Therefore, when the motor mounts are faulty, it will no longer be able to contain the engine’s vibration during acceleration and idling.

 2. Damaged Timing Belt

 When the vehicle timing belt wears out, a major effect is that it causes the engine to vibrate seriously. It is necessary to repair or replace a damaged timing belt so as to stop your car from shaking when accelerating and idling.

Car Vibrates When Accelerating From Stop

1. Damaged Vacuum Hose

 When your car vacuum hose is damaged, it will no longer be able to effectively handle the emission of exhaust fumes from your engine and this could be one of the reasons why your car vibrates from stop.

 2. Faulty Fuel and Air Intake Systems

 Another cause of car vibrating when accelerating from stop has been attributed to faulty fuel and air intake systems. When these systems are clogged or bad and they can no longer deliver clean fuel and air to the engine, the car engine would begin to vibrate when the car accelerates from stop.

 3. Bad Wheel Alignment

 This has also been highlighted as another reason why a car vibrates when accelerating from stop. The solution to this is to get a wheel alignment maintenance service from a good auto mechanic repair shop.

Car Shakes When Accelerating Transmission

Every driver or car owner should understand that the transmission filter is another vital car component that should not be ignored. One of the effects of a clogged transmission filter is that your car will begin to shake, while accelerating. Hence, in order to stop your car from shaking when you reach highway speed, it is necessary to replace the clogged transmission filter. It is recommended to change the car transmission filter every two years or when you reach 30,000 miles. In case you don’t have quick access to an auto mechanic shop, here is how you can fix your car shakes caused by transmission issues, while accelerating:

  •  1. The first thing to do is to jack up the vehicle.You get a carjack and lift your car up high on jack stands so that you are safe, while working underneath the vehicle.
  •  2. The next step is to drain the transmission fluid into a bucket or container. The socket wrench is an efficient tool for this.
  •  3. Thereafter, remove the former gasket seal and scrape off any dirt around the edges of the pan for smooth installation of the new gasket seal.
  •  4. Then you install your new pan gasket seal to the transmission.
  •  5. Lastly, change the transmission filter. To do this, loosen the bolts that hold your filter in position with a flat head screwdriver. Then, you can remove the old filter and fit in the new transmission filter.

Car Vibrating When Accelerating At HighSpeed

1. Unbalanced Tires

 This is one of the most common causes of car vibrating when accelerating at high speed.

Vibrations are one of the symptoms that point to the fact that your tires are out of balance.

This is usually caused by unevenness in tire wear. When your tires wear out at uneven pace, you would begin to experience a vibrating effect throughout your car, as you drive.

If the imbalance is from the two front tires, you would feel the vibrations from your steering wheel and dashboard.

However, if your rear tires are the ones unbalanced, the vibrations will be felt mostly at the back seat and car floors.

 2. Damaged Driveshaft

 It has also been observed that another main cause of car vibrating, while accelerating at high speed is a fault in the car driveshaft. Basically, the function of the driveshaft or propeller shaft is to transfer engine power to the rear axles and wheels in the car.

In most cases, it uses the system of the rear-wheel drive. Since the function of the driveshaft is related to speed, a bad driveshaft will tend to cause vibrations when the car accelerates at high speed.

 3. Old Spark Plugs

 When a car spark plug has reached the end of its lifespan, it begins to wear out. A defunct spark plug can also be the cause of your car vibrating, while accelerating at high speed.

 4. Rough Brake Rotor

The brake rotor is the component of the car that reduces speed of the car when brake pads rub.

In some cases, vibration effects, when a car accelerates at high speed, can be experienced when the driver applies the brakes.

In such a situation, it would imply that the driver is driving with a rough brake rotor or brake disc.

 5. Old Ball Joints

 The duty of ball joints is to link the control arms of the car to the steering wheel rod for smooth car movement.

This shiny ball joint metal rotates in a shiny metal compartment and the locomotion that occurs inside this compartment is aided with grease so as to limit friction.

However, if for some reasons, the grease becomes insufficient or exhausted from the ball joint, the effect will be total wear and tear.

This will consequently lead to car vibration while steering and accelerating at high speed.

Car vibrates when accelerating at high speeds (My Car Shakes When I Accelerate)

As stated above the most common thing that can make your car to vibrate or shake when you accelerate at high  speed is an uneven tyre or a tyre wear.

The shake and vibration occurs when they are not balanced enough, they are worn out and sometime when your vehicle tyre treads is detached from the rest of the body of the tyre.

The rim of your car tire could also lead to this vibration and shakiness of your car tires primarily in addition to the factors above..

Car shakes when accelerating at low speed

If your car or vehicle shakes when you accelerate at low speed, the most common cause is a flat tyre, a bent rim, Damaged Driveshaft and still uneven tire.

Check these and also look out for the factors stated above. Those might also be the cause of your car shakiness.

Mind you, this can apply to  when your car shakes when accelerating and idling  as then same time.

Car shakes when accelerating check engine light flashing

When there is flashing check engine light it is usually an indication of problem with your vehicle. 

This article covers more details of all what flashing check engine light indicate, however when you have you notice a vibration or shake along with your car check engine light flashing at the same time, then the most common cause is an Old Spark Plugs that needs to be changed, Cylinder Misfire and others, a poor or bad fuel pressure.

Read more here.

Conclusion on Car shakes when accelerating and idling

We hope the contents of this article have been of great benefit to you. Remember to always visit your professional auto mechanic expert, whenever your car shakes or vibrates for any of the various reasons discussed in this article.

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