Does Check Engine Light Turn Off Automatically After Repair (Check Engine Light Turned Off by Itself)

Does Check Engine Light Turn Off Automatically After Repair (Check Engine Light Turned Off by Itself)

If you are wondering if the check engine light can turn off automatically after repair or maybe are wondering what does it mean if your check engine light goes off by itself?

Well, this post addresses some questions like how long does it take for the check engine light to come back on after reset? Why did my check engine light turn off by itself and why you might notice that your car check engine light went off after a week of repair and or resetting it? How To Shift Gears In An Automatic Car and Manual Transmission cars

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Can check engine light turn itself off

Rightfully the check engine light is meant to turn off by itself when there is no faultily detected by your car computer. You see when the check engine light is on, it simply signals that something is not right, and the fault needs to be fixed and when a treat is no longer there it then will go off by itself, however, some time is required resetting though. So your dashboard check engine light turned off by itself it is not something you should worry about.

The issue that triggered the check engine light can be detected manually or with the use of an OBD2 scanner.

The scan tool is used to access the check engine, emission systems, and computer interface which reveal the results in form of trouble codes.

The scan may reveal oxygen sensor failure, loose fuel cap, bad spark plug wires, mass airflow sensor failure, ignition coil issues, or a catalytic converter failure.

Whatever the problem is, after it is fixed, the check engine light has to go off which implies that the vehicle is now safe or whatever triggered the check engine light is resolved.

Does check engine light turn off automatically after repair

When diagnosing the cause of a check engine light and fixing it, does the turning off happen automatically or manually? The answer depends on the factors at play.  You probably wonder why the light is still starring at you in the face after you have coughed out a big amount of money to settle repair bills. 

The normalcy is for the error codes to clear out by themselves after repairing and driving some miles to reset the car engine light.

As you drive around and warm the engine, you are completing cycles. After the checking of about 20 cycles of drive, the error codes are expected to clear out and the check engine light turned off.

This, however, may take much time, so the option of resorting to a manual reset of the check engine light sounds more feasible and time-saving. You can, therefore, reset your check engine light through any of these methods discussed.  

How to reset the check engine light on your car by yourself

The easiest way to turn off your illuminated check engine light is to use the OBD2 scanner to reset the trouble codes. To do this, you would have to be conversant with the diagnostic codes of your car. The OBD2 diagnosis would decode the error codes and detect the exact issue at hand. You may want to look up some of the best and affordable OBD2 scanners here for this task.

You can also switch your ignition severally to have a hard reset. You may also put your car in motion and then let it get charged on by itself. 

  • Disconnecting the battery is also a great method. You have to remove both terminals of the battery and drain the capacitor of any available electricity by fuming it out. This is followed by a 20 minutes break for the car to freshen out, and after that, reconnect the battery and switch the vehicle on.
  • Another easy way to reset your check engine light is to remove the fuse and then put it back. Removing the fuse cuts the connection of the check engine light to the electronically controlled unit (ECU), and when the connection is restored by re-logging the fuse, the error codes are expected to be cleared out. If this does not happen, that means the vehicle is not yet problem-free.


In the end, it follows that the check engine light does automatically get turned off after repair.

The process may, however, take a longer time than a manual option, and there are reasons why a vehicle’s check engine light may not be automatically turned off after repair. When this is the case, the steps to take have been exhaustively discussed in this piece.

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