how far can you drive on a flat tire

How Far Can You Drive on a Flat Tire? (Can I Drive on a Flat Tire)

can I drive on a flat tire is a question every newbie driver asks himself when faced with a flat tire situation ship and that is why in this post we will discuss dangers of driving with a flat tire, How far can you drive on a run-flat tire and what to do when you notice you have blown tire.

A leaking tire will eventually lead to flat tire. When your tire is leaking, it starts losing air pressure gradually.

There are usually no signs to look out for to notice whether your tire is flat or not. If you are asking how far you can go on a flat tire, this post is here to answer your questions.

One thing you should know is that one of the fastest ways to damage your tires is to keep driving on a flat tire.

If you are driving and you notice your tire is flat, then you should, by all means, slow down and stop driving. It is bad to drive on a flat tire.

This is because a flat tire does not have the control and could get you into an accident. However, if you are driving and notice that your tires are leaking air, then you need to drive to a repair shop immediately.

To be on a safe side, ensure you stop after driving for few miles and recheck the tires. If you notice it is totally flat, then the vehicle needs to be towed.

You should ensure your safety and that of your passengers. Take charge immediately if you notice your tires are flat.

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Can you drive on a flat tire?

Can I drive on a flat tire? If you are asking this question, then the answer is yes. If you have a flat tire, you can still drive your vehicle however it not advisable because there are lots of dangers associated with doing this.

When you are driving and the tire pressure monitor light comes on, the best thing to do is to take charge of the situation immediately.

It does not matter where you are going to, you need to get off the road and park at a safe area.

You should get down and take a look at the tires. If you notice there is still some air in the tire, then you may gently drive to your mechanic or a roadside mechanic.

However, you should stop every mile to keep checking the tires. Once you notice the tire has lost all of its air pressure, stop driving immediately.

What you have to do here is to tow the car for repairs. It is possible to drive several hundred yards even though you have a flat tire. However, you are at a risk of ruining your tires permanently.

Dangers of driving with a flat tire

There are lots of risks associated with driving on a flat tire. You can expose yourself to danger if you are driving on a flat tire. Some of these dangers are:

Tire Damage

A tire that is flat can develop internal structural damage. This means that its internal materials could be damaged beyond repair.

This is why it is advisable to replace a flat tire with its spare or get it pumped. You can still fix your tires if the thread is punctured to about ¼ diameters.

However, if it has a large cut or sidewall puncture, then the tire may need total replacement.

Losing control

A flat tire does not have any control, unlike an inflated one.  Another reason why you should not be driving with a flat tire is the risk of losing total control of your vehicle.

When the tire fails, the brake lines and suspension may get damaged. This could affect the vehicle and cause an accident.

 If you notice you have flat tires, it is advisable to stop driving and get it checked as quick as possible.

Rim Damage

If you are driving with flat tires, you are indirectly driving on the rims of the vehicle.

When you do this continuously, the rim could get bent or damaged beyond repairs. This may cost you more than just fixing.

Vehicle Damage

Another reason why you should not drive your car on a blown tire is that it could damage to the car.

You risk damaging important components like suspension parts, fenders, rotors, brake lines, and so on.

When the tire fails and separates from its rim, it can start moving around your wheels. Most of these components are very expensive to replace.

How far can you drive on a run-flat tire?

Run-flat tires are very popular among car owners nowadays. This is because, with run-flat tires, you can continue driving your car so that you may quickly get it fixed.

With this type of tires, you can take your time to find the auto shop to fix it or a place where you may change your tires.

How far you can drive a run-flat tire depends on its manufacturer. So, if you want an answer to that question, you should check your manuals.

Some flat run tires may still run for 50 miles even after losing some or all their air pressure.

How far can you drive on a flat tire?

It is totally bad and not advisable to drive on a flat tire. You need to take your safety and that of your vehicle seriously.

If you want to know how far you can drive on a flat tire, then the manuals of your vehicle should give the correct recommendations.

However, you will not be able to drive more than 70 miles while moving at 50 miles per hour.

When you go over the recommended miles, you risk damaging your tires and some important components of your vehicle.

How long can you drive on a flat tire?

You cannot drive for long on a flat tire as the tire may eventually lose all its tire pressure, and the car will start to move on its rim.

So, you should consult your car manual to know how long you can drive on a flat tire. As a general rule, it is advisable to slow down and part immediately you notice you have a flat tire.

However, if you cannot change the tire yourself, then you may drive to a repair shop.

When driving, stop at every mile to check the tires. To be on a safe side, tow the vehicle to an auto repair shop.

How far can you drive on a blown tire?

If you are driving and you notice you have a blown tire, you need to stop driving immediately. It is not safe to drive on a blown tire.

However, each tire has its own specifications. So, you should check your manuals to know how many miles you can drive if you have flat tire.

Even if you want to drive on a blown tire, you have to visit a mechanic.


I really hope this article on how far can you drive on a flat tire has helped you? Driving on a flat tire is not advisable. However, your manual has the total number of miles you can drive on a flat tire.

This will give you the necessary time you need to take the tire to a mechanic for inflation. When driving, ensure to often check the tires.

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