Meaning &causes of Low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Camry & corolla

Causes & Reset for Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Toyota Camry & Corolla

If you are having a low engine oil pressure warning light on Toyota Corolla or you even notice a Toyota Camry oil light when braking, then this article discussed the common cause of a low engine oil pressure Toyota Camry Hybrid and Corolla generally

And How to fix or reset a low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Camry 2007/ 20028 and Toyota Corolla.    

The heart of every Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla is the engine and the heart of the engine is the oil pump. The motor oil serves as a lubricant to every component of every vehicle’s engine.

The oil pump is responsible for pumping oil to every single part of the engine, drive hydraulics, and remove waste heat. There is an oil pressure gauge that comes with older vehicles to indicate the actual oil pressure in the vehicle.

However, modern cars come with a warning light on the dashboard to warn you if there is low oil pressure in the car and some other issue on the car which is triggered to display by the car computer. Make sure to also see this article on Causes of Low Oil pressure after Oil Change + How to Fix Low Oil Pressure at Idle

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Causes & Reset for Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light Toyota Camry & Corolla

Toyota Camry and Corolla are modern cars and they are built with this oil pressure light. The oil pressure sensor determines whether you have low oil pressure in the engine or not.

Once it detects low pressure, the dashboard light is triggered to warn the driver.

As a car owner, you should ensure your oil pressure gauge never gets to the bottom of the gauge or avoid the warning light coming on.

You risk causing great damage to your Toyota Camry & Corolla if the oil pressure drops. If you notice the oil pressure warning light comes on as you are driving the vehicle, then you should quickly shut down the engine or risk damaging your Toyota engine.

There are so many things that could lead to low oil pressure in your Toyota car and we will discuss that in this post.

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Meaning of Oil Light on Toyota Camry and Toyota corolla

Toyota Camry and Corolla has an oil warning light that serves as a warning that all is not right. If this light comes on, then it means the oil pressure is low and you need to find a solution as fast as possible.

The oil light is a red light that indicates that your Toyota engine is facing the risk of serious damages. What it means is that the oil pressure has dropped and driving the vehicle without fixing it will cause great damage to the car.

The engine of your Toyota needs the right amount of oil to function properly. The oil is a lubricant that lubricates the engine parts and let them work very well without any difficulty.

Warning oil light is indicating that these parts do not have enough lubricant to function and it will eventually lead to overheating.

So, if you are driving your Toyota Camry or Corolla and you notice the oil light come on, you should stop driving it immediately.

You can let the engine cool down and check if the problem is something you can quickly fix or needs the services of a professional mechanic.

Why do you notice Toyota Corolla & Toyota Camry oil light when braking

The only reason why your Toyota Corolla or Toyota Camry oil light will come on when braking is if the oil pressure is low.

Driving a Toyota with a low oil pressure is dangerous and can do much harm. What you have to do as a driver is to park the car immediately.

There are so many things that could cause low oil pressure. It could be a minor issue or major one. If it is as minor as the oil level low, then you will have to top the oil and continue going on your journey.

However, if the oil pump is faulty or oil is leaking, then you need to tow the car to a mechanic. The mechanic will run a proper diagnosis and tell you what the problem is and how to fix it.

What causes a low engine oil pressure Toyota Camry generally

Below are some of the things that could cause low engine oil pressure in Toyota Camry or Corolla:

Low oil

This is a simple and obvious cause of low oil pressure. If you notice the warning light, then you should check your oil level.

A low oil level can lead to low oil pressure, so you need to fill it up with oil. If you do not have the recommended oil at hand, you can quickly go to a store to get it using another mode of transportation. Trying to drive your car without oil will destroy your engine.

Faulty oil pump

Another general cause of low engine oil pressure in a Toyota vehicle is if the oil pump is bad. The oil pump helps to pump oil from its pan and into the engine of your Corolla. If it gets damaged, it will no longer be able to function very well.

Contaminated Engine/Oil

If you use your Camry or Corolla without proper maintenance, the engine will become dirty. Dirt will begin to build up inside its crankcase and it will make the oil dirty. The oil will have difficulty flowing through the engine properly and it will eventually cause low oil pressure. You can avoid this by making sure your Toyota undergo necessary and recommended oil change.

Clogged oil filter

The oil filter removes every debris and dirt from oil because it makes its way into the engine. The filter will become clogged over time and this will affect its function over time. It can also trigger the low engine oil pressure light.

Air in Oil

Air can get into the oil pan if the oil level is very low. This will aerate the oil and lead to low oil pressure. This can also happen if the level of oil in the pan is too much than expected.

Pickup Tube

Every Toyota Camry and Corolla has a tube which takes oil to the oil pump from the pan. If the pick tube falls out, oil will not get to the pump. This will affect the flow of oil significantly and will trigger the low oil pressure light.

 How to fix Low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Camry 2007

The only way to fix low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Camry 2007 is to diagnose the problem then you have to first fix the problem immediately for the low engine oil pressure warning light to go off.

When diagnosing the problem, if the issue is as a result or low oil, then the oil needs to be filled up but before filing up the oil, check for leak first.

Sometimes the Low engine pressure Toyota Camry light warning can come up when car is leaking oil. Watch the video above to see how to identify the oil connector for the leak.

If you find that oil is leaking then it needs to be sealed up with any good oil lean engine sealer  in the market.

On the other hand, if the 2007 or 2008 Toyota Camry low engine oil pressure warning light is on due to other faulty parts, then it needs urgent replacement the part in particular.

Here I advise you take it a mechanic if you don’t have experience changing the part yourself.

Ignoring the warning light on your Camry will damage its engine and you will have to spend more to fix it. Once you notice this light, quickly shut off your engine and find help.

How to reset Low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Corolla

There are also certain times when the low engine oil pressure light of your Toyota Corolla will refuse to go off even after fixing the problem or a part change. If you are sure the problem has been fixed, then you need to reset the light.

To reset low engine oil pressure warning light on Toyota Corolla, simply, turn your car off and hold down the button at the bottom right side on your dashboard.

Then turn on the car and you will see the light flashing. It will countdown and reset itself. Now turn off the maintenance light and start your car.


In summary, just like every other vehicle, one of the serious issues that can affect your Toyota Camry and Corolla is low engine oil pressure.

Once you notice the warning light on your dashboard, you should quickly tow your vehicle to an auto shop.

I hope this post on why you may notice your Toyota corolla & Toyota Camry oil light when braking has proved helpful to you?

Whether your concern was for  low engine oil pressure Toyota Camry Hybrid or for a Low engine oil pressure warning light Toyota Corolla, I belief you learnt a thing or 2.

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