What Causes White Smoke from Exhaust on Startup

Causes of White Smoke From Exhaust on Startup, Accelerating & Idle

Anytime you observe any kind of smoke from your exhaust whether it’s a white smoke from exhaust on startup, white smoke from exhaust when accelerating or even white smoke from exhaust when idle, they all indicates that your car is having one problem or the other that calls for your attention. 

Sometimes this may or may not be that serious, it all depends on the color and type of smoke that is coming out of the exhaust. 

Note that most times smoke coming out of exhaust are usually cursed by condensation that has accumulated within the exhaust.

And smoke cursed by this will never have a direct impact, but it’s very vital that you understand the reason and what it means to see white smoke from exhaust on startup.

It’s important you know that smoking is not limited to startups only, sometimes you may also see white smoke from the exhaust when accelerating and on very rear cases, you may as well see white smoke from the exhaust when idle.

Indeed, there is special scenario where white smoke on startup then disappears, which we’ll discuss about in today’s post.

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7 Causes of white smoke from exhaust on startup |white smoke from exhaust when accelerating and when idle

Anytime you turn on your car especially if is a gas engine car, and you notice a white smoke from exhaust on startup, it simply means there are few reasons this is coming out, however, you should know on normal circumstances that white smoke isn’t harmless.

But sometimes it can become a sort of concern and you will need to quickly find ways to fix the problem that is causing the various condition of the smoke.

Let’s begin with why you might notice white smoke from exhaust on startup.

What Causes White Smoke from Exhaust on Startup

Sometimes white smoke coming out of exhaust pipe might result because of many reasons, but when you observe white smoke from exhaust at startup, then be aware that your car is having problems which includes:

  • Spoilt, cracked or damaged cylinder head.
  • Faulty or damaged Head gasket
  • Fractured, cracked or Bad engine block

Please note that the reason why any of the above problems may lead to smoke coming out of exhaust pipe is simply because when there is a fracture on the engine block, the head gasket or cylinder head, it causes coolant to leak into the car engine combustion system and the cylinders which now causes problem to the normal operating system of the car which is unsafe for the engine because it can damage the engine on the long run.

This is why we advise you to consult for solution immediately you observe white smoke whether it is the normal one that is harmless or not. Find a good mechanic to examine the car, or you can do it yourself.

Now let’s find out why you noticed white smoke from exhaust when accelerating.

What are the causes of white smoke from exhaust when accelerating?

The actual reason for smoke from the exhaust when accelerating is because of burning coolant or transmission fluid having issues.

White smoke due to transmission fluid

Whenever this white smoke due to the transmission fluid happens, what it means is that the engine of your car is probably absorbing excessive fluid from the vacuum pipe or hose which causes it to produce the white smoke. 

Sometimes it can make the exhaust to produce an odor that smells like a burnt oil.

White smoke due to Burning Coolant.

Note that if the coolant happens to be the cause of the white smoke, then there is possibility that your car has a cracked cylinder head.

Sometimes it could also be a leakage from the head gasket, and one of the signs it comes with is a pleasant smell.

How to diagnose this problem?

If you want to examine this, then run a pressure test on your car coolant system.

Ensure you observe if it’s low and if the car engine is heating excessively. So in case it is overheating, then it simply means is a coolant issue with low coolant, however, if it is not overheating then it’s the leakage of the head gasket.

Once you observe this, ensure you change it to a new one.

But in case it is a transmission fluid issue, then you must fix this by changing out the transmission vacuum modulator valve.

However, before it is changed, make sure you examine the fluid level to see if it low or in its normal level.

But if it’s lower than normal, then add up more transition fluid to meet the required level.

Let’s move to the reasons why you may see white smoke from exhaust when idle.

What causes white smoke from exhaust when idle?

Anytime you notice white smoke from exhaust when idle or stopping your car, what it means is that there is oil around your car combustion chambers.

You should know that the presence of oil in the combustion chamber of your engine burns off your car exhaust system which will make the smoke as one of the many symptoms it will present.

One of the easiest ways to identify this issue is to observe the white smoking coming out when idle and then you will notice that what is burning is oil and not gasoline.

It is very true that gasoline burns explosively while transition fluid is subtle. 

The bad thing about burning issues with transmission oil is that the more oil remain inside, the more problem it will cause to your spark plug which can stop your car on the road.

So ensure you find a solution as fast as possible.

What Causes White Smoke from Exhaust Once Cold?

Note that in weather condition, the white smoke may be quite traditional, and sometimes it is not.

So if you’re using a diesel, white smoke is also unburned fuel or fluid which browses through the engine.

What Causes White Smoke from Exhaust Smells Like Gas?

It is advisable that drivers should pay more attention to perceive the conception of smoke from cars.

Sometimes it comes in vapor or steam, since it’s introduced into the chamber.

However, you’ll have the water dripping from the pipe.

But suppose it’s traditional, meaning that the engine is misfiring and pushing raw fuel out. If this be the case, then the car is running rough and the driver will smell a raw fuel smell.

But for you to repair this, simply check the fuel and replace it if necessary.

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